Derby Booty Strikes Again

5 October 2015

I have been waiting nearly a year to wear this skirt.

It's a size 12, which is pretty amazing since a few years ago I wore a size 22/24!

I bought the lovely Michael Kors skirt from Macy's and I couldn't find a shirt I liked for it, but it fit really well and I took it home anyway.

Every consignment shop I went to, in an effort to find the perfect shirt, tried to buy it from me.

"No way! It's a 12 and I'm keeping it!" I would tell them. A few months of no luck and I got frustrated. I returned the skirt to Macy's and it was on super clearance -- like $15 or something ridiculous for a $99 skirt.

So, the cashier talked me into repurchasing the skirt. I took it home again and continued my hunt for the perfect top. I finally found one!!

It's a pretty golden Calvin Klein top, with a cowl neck and trimmed waist. I love it. I was planning to put the outfit on today ... and the SKIRT NO LONGER FITS!! There's a phenomenon that happens when you skate with roller derby girls ... your butt grows! (Along with your thighs.) This is the second skirt I own that will no longer slide over my booty. I guess it's a good problem to have when you consider my more powerful legs and curvier figure. Oh well!