It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives!

19 December 2015

"It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives!"

That is one of my favorite lines from Grey's Anatomy's Derek "McDreamy" Shepard.

Every time I heard it, I would think how great it would be to be a life saver instead of a journalist.

Then, the other day while talking to my 19 year old client, I realized that as a health coach, I JUST SAVED A LIFE!

It sounds dramatic, I know ... but it's true. This college sophomore was on what she considered a frightening path.

We'll call her Jane. Jane was severely overweight and her doctor told her she was pre-diabetic and that if she continued the way she was, she could possibly have an amputation in her future. None of that scared Jane, because like most teenagers, she's invincible, right?

One night she woke up with tingling in her hands. Jane looked up what it could mean and saw it could be a symptom of diabetes.

The disease runs in her father's family and that got her attention. Soon, Jane was waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks, she was exhausted at school. her grades were suffering and she was eating more "comfort" foods to help her anxiety.

Her mother was scared out of her mind that she was going to have to bury her child, so she came to me for help. Jane wanted the help, so we started working together.

We just got to the 3-month mark the other day and my heart is bursting with love and joy for this young woman. She has lost 25 pounds, started exercising, and plans to start Parkour, which was developed from military obstacle courses (!).

Jane no longer has nightly panic attacks, her grades have improved, she's sleeping better, she's craving healthier foods over nutritional wasteland products, and best of all, her doctor says she is no longer pre-diabetic!

Jane is now looking forward to the future instead of dreading it, and her mother feels a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

My client still has about 60 pounds to her goal, but for the first time in her life, she says she feels like she can do it.

Her mother, who has never struggled with her own weight, is over the moon with happiness right now and the whole family is eating better. I became a health coach because I discovered I really like to help people and I want to change lives.

Jane has reminded me that I am saving them too.

So yes, Dr. McDreamy ... this is a beautiful day to save lives