Summer Savory

6 June 2019

This photo is from the town of Provins, France -- just about 90 minutes outside of Paris. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is absolutely gorgeous and is known for its roses. When we were in the Visitors Center I kept checking my purse to make sure my doTERRA Rose Touch wasn't broken because the rose smells were surrounding us. It's always great to smell confirmation that our chosen essential oil brand is as pure as you can get!

Provins, Francs

What are your summer travel plans? I'd love to know!

Meanwhile-- here are your specials. Make sure to scroll all the way down for some cool recipes.

The USA Product of the Month (POM) is Summer Savory!

If you spend 125PV before June 15th using the optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), you will get Summer Savory essential oil for free!

It's a limited time offer for an oil YOU CANNOT PURCHASE ON ITS OWN!

It probably sounds vaguely familiar if you use DDR Prime.

So here's why you want it.

Summer savory oil is used to support your oral health, gut, liver and GI tract. Can also be used to stimulate the libido! Talk about heating up those summer nights!!


If you’ve missed Citrus Bloom® AND Island Mint®, you’ve been warned! Buy Summer Savory now, for a limited time only!


This is limited to our Loyalty Rewards Members ONLY June 1st-15th with a qualifying order of 125PV or more. I encourage you to place your Loyalty order early so you don’t miss out on this exclusive oil. Everyone who gets this oil, will get a full set of recipes from me, so you can use it. Just let me know you've got it!

Stock up on other summer essentials, like your TriEase for seasonal discomfort, Shampoo and Conditioner, LifeLong Vitality Supplements so you can keep up with vacations and TerraZyme to help you digest those summer barbecue foods you're going to overeat ... and get Balance, AromaTouch and PastTense for FREE. These will be automatically added to your cart when you get place your 200PV order. If you make it a Loyalty Order by the 15th, you'll stack your freebies with Summer Savory.

New wholesale customers can also get the free Balance, Aromatouch and PastTense with qualifying orders. So share with someone you love!

Forget 10% ... this month you're getting 15% off On Guard Cleaner Concentrate!!

This is such a great product. It actually makes cleaning suck a little less.

A little goes a long way and the bottle seems to last forever.

Not only will your home be sparkling, but you'll still get the benefits of On Guard for your immunity needs!


Get started on (or boost) your road to optimal health with the doTERRA Daily Habits kit. It's on sale for 20% off and has what you need to help you be the best version of yourself. We're talking enzymes that help your body digest fats, carbs and McDonalds ... to workout recovery, because sore muscles and achy joints hurt! :-)

Want free oils???

Everyone who hosts an essential oils party with me or makes referrals will get a gift of oils.

Some dates are already booked this month, but make me work ... let's party! Late June and most of July are open.

There are also prizes for your friends throughout :-)