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Hi! I'm Jasmin Bryant and SO glad you're here!

Is better health calling your name, but you're unsure HOW to answer?

Welcome to Wellness by Jasmin!! This the go-to space for smart, focused, and motivated women like you, who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Click through these pages to learn how I can help you live the life you want to have. If I can go from a nearly 300 pound COUCH POTATO, to a frickin' athlete (in my late 30s/early 40s) ... you can make the changes you deserve and desire.

Heart-Centered Coaching, Focused on YOUR Success!

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I support your goals with personal coaching, group coaching, essential oils and more.

You are never alone in your journey when you have me in your corner!

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Patrick Pjm
Excellent videos
Takeia Locke Widemond
Very dedicated and helpful! Love working with her!!!!
Shelly St John
Everyone needs a wellness check in - check in with Jasmin and she'll get you on the right path!
Debbra Lupien
Jasmin has got it "going on." She cares and it shows. She excels at helping find the path that leads to not only wellness but vitality. Let her show you how.
Oscar Salinas
Dave Statler
If you've ever struggled to reach your health and fitness goals than Jasmin is your go to gal!!!

Who is Jasmin Bryant?

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Jasmin Bryant is a certified holistic health coach and global essential oils educator from the USA, living in Paris, France!!

She took back her life and health after shedding 12 dress sizes and gaining confidence.

Jasmin is now helping others all over the world to change their health through personal coaching and doTERRA essential oils.