Many ladies know there are a few days every month when they will feel like utter crap.

I’m talking laying in the bed, curled up in the fetal position, alternating between crying and seething with rage, all while clutching at their abdomens, cursing their uteruses.

It. Is. Not. Fun!

Some ladies are lucky enough not to have any symptoms of PMS or cramping, or bloating or heavy bleeding. For the rest – there are some things you can do to help.

The go-to for many, are over the counter medications or prescription pain pills. One friend downs Midol like they’re Raisinettes.

There’s always the heating pad and hot water bottle to deal with the cramps. But who wants to be tied down like that?

As a health coach, I have helped some women deal with their period issues through diet. I usually recommend they decrease Omega-6 intake and increase Vitamin E.

Several studies have shown Vitamin E to reduce the length and severity of menstrual cramps. It’s also believed to relieve nausea, light sensitivity and sound sensitivity associated with menstrual migraines.

You can get vitamin E through nuts and eggs.

Meanwhile, other studies show Omega-6 can make menstrual pain worse because it produces inflammatory substances that can disrupt the blood flow to the uterus. Omega-3 has been shown to have the opposite effect.

Painful periods can also be a by-product of serious magnesium deficiency — which is also why so many women crave chocolate and sugary treats when they’re menstruating and also why sleep can be hard to come by.

Other ways I like to support clients with “that time of the month” are by using various essential oils.

One night in my Paris apartment, I was that woman I described at the beginning … I woke up in agony and in tears. Since I started using essential oils, I don’t keep anything but those in my arsenal… but this was some next-level stuff. I knew I had some pills my doctor forced me to fill after a surgery – but they were in a random suitcase, in my storage closet, which could only be accessed by going down my railing-less spiral staircase. I was already hunched over in my bed – no way I was taking on those steps.

Thankfully, I had my doTERRA Deep Blue Rub on my headboard. I’d been using it earlier for my achy leg muscles after walking for hours. This rub is great for sore muscles and my uterus is basically a muscle, so I figured “why not.” I rubbed some all over my abdomen and within 20 minutes I could go back to sleep. The agony subsided, the sweating stopped and I no longer needed to cry.

Generally, I use an essential oil blend called Clary Calm. The oils work together to ease a woman’s menstrual cycle.

It helps to soothe those heightened emotions some of us feel and can balance your mood all month. It’s also a great, calming abdominal massage when you roll it on.

There are other essential oils that can help all sorts of issues that pop up… sleep, skin blemishes, cravings, etc.

I’m happy to help you explore natural ways to get through the month without going to prison because you’ve finally snapped. (PS—you won’t do well in prison!)


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